How to Take Crayon Marks off The Walls in No Time At All! Genius!

If you have small kids running all day around the house and making mess, you have probably experienced problems that involve all kinds of crayon drawings on your, used to be, beautiful walls. This can be very annoying, cause it is very hard to take off. But, before you start getting angry on your beloved children, wait a moment and check out this video. It can help you solve your problems in no time at all, and even better, it does not involve spending huge amounts of money!

The secret is in using the oily spray called WD-40. It is a versatile spray which can be used in many situations. This video will reveal you 4 fantastic ideas for cleaning with WD-40. Besides taking crayon marks off the walls, it is great with removing fingerprints from stainless steel appliances, to bust through sticker residue, and get rid of nasty scuff marks on the floor.


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