Groom Asks Bride’s Daughter to Be His Daughter Forever And Brings Everyone To Tears

Wedding is the most beautiful moment and a day every bride and groom want to remember for the rest of their lives. Two people in love will do everything they can to make the other one feel special on that day. In this case a groom went beyond and created a memorable day for not only his wife, but his new stepdaughter as well.

Diogo Bolant made sure his new stepdaughter wasn’t left out during the ceremony. In front of the altar and their guests, Diogo surprised everyone by popping the question to a six year old Isadora.

“Will you be my daughter forever?”, he asked. The little maid of honor immediately said yes before bursting into tears. Diogo even had a small ring prepared as well, sliding it upon her finger at her acceptance. Everyone present including his future wife were touched with his act of love.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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