Simon Was A Bit Skeptical About This 12 Year Old Ukulele Player, But When She Started Singing…..WOW!

The judges had no idea what to expect when this 12 year old with her ukulele walked on stage at America’s Got Talent. Grace VanderWaal took a great risk when she decided to perform an original song (“I Don’t Know My Name”), and Simon was a bit skeptical about how is this little girl going to perform. But, the moment she opened her mouth and started singing, it was obvious the judges were blown away!

Grace was brave and her risk payed off, everyone in the crowd were up on their feet and clapping their hands when she finished her audition. As for the judges, they all had just great things things to say about her performance and Howie Mandel was particularly ecstatic that he had to do something he rarely does…Watch till the end, I am sure you are going to love it.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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