Here’s What You Need To Do To SURVIVE If Your Car Is Sinking Underwater – I Had NO Idea!

One of the worst form of car accidents are the ones that involve water. A regular accident leaves you with the chance to exit your vehicle. But when you have an accident and end up in the water, you have a whole ‘nother challenge to face.

Whenever people drive around lakes or along ocean roads, there is always extra caution taken as there should be. But you never know what can happen. What if you did end up in the water? How would you get out? It’s important to learn the answer to these questions before they potentially happen, for obvious reasons.

Knowing about the glass that is used in your car is the first very important step, and one that can lead to your survival.

Why is this?

If your car does get submerged underwater, every foot submerged equals 850 pounds of pressure applied to the car door. That’s why you never hear of anyone successfully opening their door and escaping when their car has been submerged. It’s pretty much impossible.

Check out this very important video which shows you exactly how to break out the window and get free as fast as possible.

this information with friends and family as well.

Here’s the video:

I Already Did
I Already Did

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