Man Hides A Camera In The Bathroom. Catches His Wife’s Most EMBARRASSING Moment On Film

John and Nikki are a couple like everyone else, except they have one weird tradition. These two love playing pranks on each other and these are not jokes you get to see every day. I am not sure which one of them started this ‘war’, but it’s going on for years now.

A while ago Nikki thought it would be funny to super-glue a hat to his boyfriend’s head and it was, at least from our point of view. To get back at his significant other, John decided to prank her in a way she never have imagined. He super glued her to their toilet seat!

So when Nikki had to go the bathroom very badly, she did not have time to pay attention to the toilet seat. The rest of the story is, we would say, just cruel.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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