He Took A Warm Can of Juice, And Turned It Into A Super-Chilled Drink In Just 2 Minutes! Incredible!

There is no better way to cool off during these hot summer days, nor to have a nice cold drink. Of course, if you forgot to put a can of juice in the fridge that might be a problem cause it can take a while for your drink to cool down. But, do not worry, a famous YouTube user Dave Hax has an amazing idea which will cool your juice or a beer in less than 2 minutes!

He took a room temperature can and put it into a bawl of ice water. Than he added some salt and after just 2 minutes the temperature of the drink decreased by an amazing 19C or 34F. If you are wondering what is the secret here, there is none, it is just a matter of science. Salt reduces the freezing point of water which causes the ice to melt. The end result is a super chilled drink!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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