The Summer Heat Can Be UnBEARable So Bruiser Decided It Is Going To Be A Pool Day!

Get ready to meet one truly adorable bear who really loves to swim. His name is Bruiser the bear, and if you thought that you are going to see him swimming in some river, you were wrong. This Syrian Brown Bear has his own pool and he is enjoying it to the max. The video has been filmed at the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida, and by operating solely on sponsors and donations they have provided a beautiful home for Bruiser.

Watching him play in the water, he seems like a little child. I think that for this occasion he got especially inspired to show himself in front of the cameras. By the way, Syrian Brown Bears are a subspecies of the Brown Bear, and due to habitat loss and poaching, their population has decreased significantly. Unfortunately, they can no longer be found in many countries that were once within its range.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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