They Built A Stunning House on The Cliff And It Looks Just Incredible!

A young couple who bought a land on a slope wanted to build their dream house on the cliff and they hired architects Jaime Bartolome and Pablo Gil to make it come true. Today, this house is quite an attraction in Granada, Spain, and the reason why is it`s incredible design in combination with some stunning features. Many people call it the modern age cave because it`s dug into the steep cliff over the sea.

This home looks very luxurious and is topped with an innovative warped roof made from zinc shingles which mimics the ocean waves in the waters below while simultaneously providing a sustainable and durable design. Inside, a consistent temperature of 19-degrees is maintained based off of the cliff’s ground temperature. Check out the video to see some more about this dream house, and share if you like it!

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I Already Did

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