Student Makes A Commercial For Adidas And They Reject It. Now 14 Million Views Say It Was A Big Mistake

Many times we find ourselves confined by something, or someone, but only a few have the determination to “break free.” Young German student, Eugen Merher, probably felt dissapointed when people from Adidas ignored his touching video. But, he believed in his work and posted it to YouTube. Now the ad is going viral and I am sure even Adidas know they made the mistake of their lives.

Eugen was inspired by his recently deceased relative and he created a a story about an aging runner. This retired athlete also felt constrained, living inside a retirement home. He was longing to put his running shoes and break free from it all for one last run. Thanks to the help of some supporters, his quest for Freedom is about to come to an end.

This commercial just left me in tears and I hope Adidas is regretting their decision.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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