Guy’s Stuck in Traffic, Decides to Start An Epic “Highway Sing-A-Long” With Other Drivers

Here is a great idea to try while driving on the highway, especially if you get stuck in traffic. We all know how frustrating can be when you are on the road and not moving. Well, while most of the people would get upset and start yelling and beeping, this guy thinks otherwise. He starts singing his favorite song, and gets strangers in nearby cars to join him.

A famous YouTuber put on quite a show with this “Highway Sing-A-Long.” He chose the incredibly catchy tune, “Build Me Up Buttercup,” and made complete strangers sing with him. It’s pretty easy, he just rolls down his windows and points at other nearby drivers to get them to singalong. It was an awesome idea and brought tons of smiles to people around him.

Check out the video, it will brighten up your day, and spread a smile to your friends.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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