Mom Says It’s Time For A Walk, But Stubborn Husky Has Some Other Plans

If you have ever considered adopting a Siberian Husky then the first thing you could hear is they can be pretty stubborn. These silver guys are notorious for being selective in what commands they obey. In many ways, they are just like little kids, and you will have a hard time staying angry with one. What more, I bet you will have so much fun, just like in this case.

Zeus the husky just realized he is in a mood for a bath, but there is a slight problem. Mom says it’s time for a walk, and refuses to turn on the water. She seems determined, but the stubborn dog refuses to give up. He argues, and howls, but when nothing seems to work, he throws the most adorable temper tantrum ever.

Eventually, he had to leave the tub, but he definitely made a statement. Watch this hilarious video and SHARE with all your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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