Street Pianist Asks A Stranger If She Wants To Play With Him, Then Get Upstaged In The Best Way

Guy named Dotan Negrin is a true enthusiast! Not many people would quit on their jobs to travel the world and play piano in the street. Well, Dotan is just the man, and so far he has performed in over 300 cities in 20 countries traveling over 50,000 miles in the process. Recently, he visited New York City, but probably never expected that someone else would be the star of the show!

Dotan was playing on a street corner when he noticed a girl with a violin in her hands. He asked the young woman to join him for a duet, and she jumped right out. A few moments later, something magical happened! Nobody in the crowd, nor Dotan, had any idea how talented she really is.

The woman’s name is Ada and it turns out that she is an amazing violinist. And not just that, she can sing too. The unsuspecting passers by got the surprise of their lives. You don’t want to miss this memorable show!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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