Audience Enjoys Live Orchestra Performance, But Someone Decides To Crash The Party…

They say that listening to classical music is good for us, and not just for one reason. Among other things it improves our brain activity and I have even heard somewhere that it can help us sleep better. Well, it seems like we are not the only ones who are aware of these scientific facts. Apparently, dogs are huge fans of classical music and we had no idea about it!

During a live orchestra performance in Turkey at an outdoor theatre, unexpected guest completely stole the show. A stray dog walked on to the stage while the symphony was playing, and got plenty of applause from the audience. This furry guy was not just passing by, no, he found himself a nice spot and sat down to enjoy the show.

It’s always nice to meet a dog with an excellent taste in music. That is probably why this video is going viral. Check it out and share with all of your friends dog lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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