He Wanted To See If Strangers Would Touch An HIV-Positive Man, But He Did Not Expect That The Result Will Bring Him To Tears!

A guy named Janne from Finland wanted to show just how it is to live with HIV-related stigma and at the same time raise awareness of HIV. With the help of Finland’s national public broadcasting company he has decided to conduct a social experiment. The idea was to make signs, both in English and Finnish, saying ‘I am HIV positive – Touch Me’ and stand in a public space to see the reactions.

Janne was holding his arms outstretched and eyes closed, and at the beginning it seemed that the result will be disappointing. People were passing by and walking away or keeping distance. But, when everything seemed lost, things changed. I will leave it for you to see, but I will mention that by the end Janne was overwhelmed with feelings, and brought to tears.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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