Strangers Form A Human Chain To Rescue A Fellow Motorist Who Drove Off A Bridge!

A truly dramatic rescue was caught on video recently after a driver crashed his pickup truck off the longest bridge in the world and into the water below. Driving behind the man that day was Alvin Pike, and after seeing what happened, he did something that most people would hesitate to do. He took off any much clothing that would weigh him down and jumped right in to save a drowning man.

That was certainly a very brave thing to do, but other motorists did not waste time also, these good Samaritans threw them a rope and formed a human chain to help them climb up. Little by little the truck driver was brought up to safety and heavy credits definitely go to Alvin who modestly said that anyone else would have done the same. Great man, things like these really bring back the faith in society.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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