A Very Strange Video on a Billboard Caught People’s Attention at The Subway, but The Surprise Ending Left Them Speechless!

When a very interesting ad picked up people’s attention in Sweden, the video went viral on social media very fast. The ad was done by a company which produces hair care products. People at the subway station were very surprised by a very unusual billboard. It presented a woman’s head, but the interesting part was that whenever a train was about to pass by, her hair was blowing. It was a very nice idea, no doubt in that. But, after that another ad came up which was very similar to this one, almost the same, but with a completely different idea.

This ad was sponsored by The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, and the point was to highlight some of the devastating effects of cancer on kids. It certainly made an impression on the unsuspecting people at the Stockholm’s Odenplan station. The surprise ending definitely left a strong message, which everyone of us should always have in mind.

[youtube id=”064ipuBiWDg” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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