This Strange Looking Dog Was Found Wandering The Streets. His Life Story Will Touch Your Heart

Cletus is not a dog you get to see every day. His strange looking appearance makes him different, but his spirit is what makes him a truly unique dog.

He was found shuffling around the streets of Los Angeles and taken to shelter. Team of doctors quickly took care of his respiratory infection but his other issues were something else. Cletus was born with several fused joints and a crooked face with a rather severe overbite. But, these good people so something else in Cletus, they saw his great heart.

He overcomes his physical shortcomings with his happy spirit. He loves to play and he finds friends where ever he goes. Another unique thing about this dog is his fashion style. Such a handsome guy, of course had no problems finding his new family. Wait till you see him now…

I Already Did
I Already Did

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