Passengers Furious When Flight Gets Delayed, But Watch Their Reaction When Stewardess Takes The Mic

There is nothing more annoying then getting stuck in a delayed airplane. You have no idea how long is going to take and it will probably ruin all your other plans. It can be quite frustrating, but not if you traveling with AirAsia. They have some rather awesome in-flight entertainment, and they are not afraid to use it!

Flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok just got delayed and the flight attendant decided to try and lift their spirits. This cute girl took the mic and gave the passengers a very special experience. Her performance ended up with a big applause from the crowd and a lot of smiling faces. The video went viral in almost no time at all!

I wonder if singing talent is the necessary qualification for all of their stuff? Watch the amazing video and SHARE with your friends to spread a smile.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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