Stephen Curry Stepped Up to Meet The Press, But His Adorable Daughter Completely Stole The Show From Him!

The Golden State Warriors have put away the Houston Rockets and now we are expecting The Finals, but after their win everybody were expecting the press conference and of course the biggest star Stephen Curry. This fantastic point guard was up and ready to answer on the reporters questions, but his adorable daughter walked into the room and completely stole the show from him!

A little girl was not going to let his dad be in the spotlight, and she was like an every other 2 year old – eager for attention. She sat on his lap and started her own show. Stephen was doing great the entire time, and he even managed to answer the questions. He had a lot of understanding for his daughter which surely comes from the fact that he had also grew up with a dad who was an NBA star!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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