They Asked Springsteen To Play Another Singer’s Song. His Response Had The Crowd Roaring!

Every true Bruce Springsteen fan will tell you that his shows are something you just have to experience. A world class artist who knows how to make everyone feel awesome is truly one of the greatest. With over four decades of stage experience, Bruce does not even have to prepare for the concerts, he handles every possible situation like a boss.

It was during a concert in Leipzig, Germany, when he saw a sign in the crowd asking him to play “You Can Never Tell”. Well, most of other musicians would not dare to swim into unexpected, but Bruce is not like others. He started playing a couple of different keys and even the band was completely surprised. I am sure there were some pretty nervous faces behind the stage, but than he showed us why he is such an accomplished artist.

Of course, the performance was just amazing, we could not expect nothing less! Check it out and don’t forget to share!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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