Mom Recreates The Womb For Her 5-Day-Old Baby And He Instantly Calms Down! Genius Idea!

Meet baby Lucas, Lucas has just come to the real world and this transitioning from out of a mother’s womb is a little traumatic for him. Luckily, his Mom has found a genius solution to make him feel calm and safe like before. She puts her adorable baby into a special tub which instantly soothes her newborn. Lucas sits in an upright position while Mom is gently holding his head and neck.

This new product is called the ‘Tummy Tub’ and it actually relaxes baby because of the way it supports and contains baby in a flexed position – something familiar from the womb. This way Mom and her baby can bond even more. This tub is truly a marvelous product, seeing your baby so relaxed and calm is just priceless.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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