Deaf Man Told To “Look Over There.” When He Does, You’ll Bawl Like A Baby!

Samsung Turkey has made this touching video, and even though the primary idea was to promote their new video call center for people with hearing disabilities, a man called Muharrem who has a hearing loss has made this ad so precious with his reactions.

They have created a special day for Muharrem with the help of his sister who was the part of this from the beginning. She went for a walk with him around the city, and he become suspicious when a strange people around him used sign language to talk to him. After the first time it happened, Muharrem was pleasantly surprised, but he did not suspect anything, but than it just got better and better. At the end of the video when he found out what is going on, he got so emotional. I just loved the attention for people with hearing loss, they have done a great job with this.

I think sign language should be taught in schools just like any other subject.

[youtube id=”UrvaSqN76h4″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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