Check out Son’s Adorable Reaction When He Realize What his Dad Does for a Living. This Is Priceless!

A wife of a Norfolk Southern engineer has brought their kids at the train station to see for the first time what their Dad is doing for a living. As the train passes by on a route to Binghamton NY via Southern Tier Line, and adorable little boy has made a priceless reaction. The look on his face when he realized that his dad is driving a rumbling train along the platform was full of thrill.

It is well known that children are fascinated by big, loud, powerful things, such are trains, fire trucks, army tanks and similar. So, seeing a train passing by was already awesome for his little kid, but when he saw who was in the front seat, his joy could not be greater. This was not the first time he saw this picture, but it was the first time he saw his dad driving one.

Check out the precious moment, and share please!!!

[youtube id=”oVJZj3qtc1M” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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