Dad Loses Son’s Lunchbox And Has To Improvise. Mom Freaks Out, But Then She Flips It Over

This Dad just got himself into a huge mess. Somehow, he lost his son’s lunchbox and he knew that Mom was not going to be pleased about it. It was clear that he had to find some kind of a solution, so he had to get creative. After some fast thinking, Daddy came up with a weird, but completely genius new design for a lunchbox!

He went into the house with his toolbox, and of course Mom was not impressed. It looked like he would not get away with this, until she flipped it over…

I think this Dad really has talent to get into the business. As some commenters noted, now he’s just got to make sure it’s food grade plastic or only add food that’s wrapped or packaged, but it’s really quite a clever idea.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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