Soldier Traveled 22 Hours To Meet His Newborn Daughter for The First Time. Now, Watch When He Opens His Eyes….

Brave men and women who serve our country are making a huge sacrifice while they are away, and many times we can not even imagine how they are feeling. Many of them are being separated from their families for years, and this may mean they have to miss important moments in the lives of people who are dear to them.

Sgt. John Vorrath was on deployment in Afghanistan, and unfortunately he had to watch his new baby’s birth on an iPad. That certainly was not an easy moment for him, and when his commander saw that, he immediately granted the soldier one week leave. Vorrath traveled for the next 22 hours straight to reach the hospital and see his newborn baby for the first time. His wife had no idea he was coming home, and this wonderful surprise was caught on camera.

It is certainly hard to keep your eyes dry when you watch a heartwarming reunion like this, but wait to see what happened when his 2 year old who hadn’t seen his father since he was deployed appeared on the door. Amazing!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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