A Soldier is Standing Alone In A Cemetery… What He Did NEXT Gave Me Goosebumps!

‘Taps’ is one the most recognizable military bugle calls and it serves as a vital component in ceremonies honoring the sacrifice of fallen service members. It’s original purpose was to send soldiers off to a less permanent sleep, but in 1862 all that changed. This melody has a touching character and its strains are melancholy, yet full of rest and peace. When “Taps” is played at a military funeral, it is customary to salute if in uniform, or place your hand over your heart if not.

What you can see on this touching video are two members of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own.”  SSG Jesse Tubb plays the tune on a summer day, followed by SSG Drew Fremder playing it in the middle of a snowfall. Hearing this tune gave me chills, so beautiful. Please share this amazing story with your friends and family on Facebook!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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