Soldier Waits Anxiously at The Airport…Now Watch His Face When He Sees Who Appears Behind The Corner…

While serving his country overseas Sgt Tom Hansen survived numerous attacks and bombs in Afghanistan, and he made it through those rough times mainly thanks to his service dog – Taylor. During the war they were inseparable, but since than they got separated and the two friends have not seen each other for two years now. But, thanks to an incredible woman named Molli Oliver, the sergeant got the chance to be reunited with his old buddy from the army, and it was just amazing!

This woman is doing a wonderful job for the retired service members and what more, everything is at her own expense! Retired military dogs that are being put up for adoption are getting a second life alongside the soldiers they served with and this is a beautiful thing to see. Watch the heartwarming video and don`t forget to share cause our veterans certainly deserve it.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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