He Spends Hours Walking in The Snow. When The Camera Zooms Out? Incredible!

Prepare to meet Simon Back, one truly amazing man with a unique talent. Simon is an artist, but not a typical one. He creates some of the most beautiful looking images, but he does not use paintbrush or any other common artist`s tools. He just puts his snow shoes on and starts walking around the snow, but when he is finished, a stunning snow mural appears. This gorgeous artwork will certainly leave you speechless and in awe!

What looks like fooling around in the snow and having fun, actually requires a lot of practice and one mural usually takes 40,000 steps to create. Now, that is what I call a workout! In fact, for Simon, all of this started out just as a fun way to exercise, but now people all over the world are admiring to his talent. Incredible!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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