THIS is What Happens When You Mess With A Snapping Turtle! This Guy Was Very Lucky!

Turtles are without any doubt amazing animals, and people find them very interesting due to their peculiar behavioral pattern of withdrawing into the shell, whenever they feel threatened. But, there is one particular species of turtle which cannot retreat fully into their shell to protect themselves. Of course, nature did not left them unprotected, that is why they are gifted with the ability to snap at the attacker, hence their name!

These snapping turtles can be very dangerous and aggressive, especially on land. They have an extremely powerful bite and no intention of letting go. I am not sure if a guy from this video was aware of that, but he kept provoking this turtle, until she decided she had enough. Make sure to watch until the end, this guy was very lucky to have walked away with all his fingers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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