He Uses His Smartphone To Create Some Awesome 3D Holograms! Amazing!

If you are getting bored of your smartphone and it`s apps than this is the video that will give your phone a whole new perspective. It is an incredible idea for parties and showing off between your friends, and I am sure that everyone will be impressed. Thanks to a Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss we have a tutorial on how to turn your phone into a Hologram Projector, and you are going to love the illusion of a floating 3D image!

If you thought that this is going to be incredibly difficult to construct, do not worry, you will be needing just a couple of things. All you need is an old CD case, a sharp knife, some tape, a pen, a ruler and graph paper. Regardless this is not a true 3D hologram, it still looks awesome. It is up to you to choose what image you want to reflect.

Check out the entire video for detailed instructions, and share please!!!

[youtube id=”7YWTtCsvgvg” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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