When She Was Not Looking, He Slipped A Roofie Into Her Drink! The Reason Why is DISTURBING!

Plenty of people, especially women have faced with something so horrible like being drugged, and becoming victims of ‘dating abuse’. That is a big society problem and something we should work on. But, of course, you should always be careful and keep an eye on your drink, especially if you are with people you do not know very well. To draw attention to this issue, Joey Salads has decided to conduct an experiment to see just how easy and quick it is to drug someone’s drink, and the results were shocking!

Everything was incredibly easy, Joey would start a conversation with strange women and with a little distraction slipped a drug into their drink. Of course he did not let them drink it, but I think that these girls have learned a valuable lesson!

Check out the entire video, and share this message to protect young women!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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