Man Gambles The State Of His Best Suit To Save A Skunk Stuck In A Coke Can

Some guy was on his way to a meeting with the mayor of Orillia, when he spotted a skunk stuck in a pop can. This not so popular animal was clearly in trouble and there was no way it could get out of it on it’s own. Many people would probably keep going, but this man decided to risk getting sprayed to help a struggling skunk.

It took him some time to convince the helpless animal he wont hurt him, and little by little he made it. Kindly, he asked the poor skunk not to put a spray on his best suit while he gave his best to remove the can out of it’s head. After a bit of struggle, the skunk was eventually can-free and on his way back home. As for the rescuer, hope he did not have a funny smell at the meeting.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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