Skinning A Watermelon is The Best Party Trick You Will Find! Amazing!

This part of the year is just perfect for parties and having fun in the open, but if you get bored fast this is one trick that you just have to pull off with your friends and family. It includes watermelons and we all know that this is just the perfect snack for these hot days!

The video has been brought to us by Mark Rober, former NASA engineer who already proved himself by another watermelon trick which went viral almost immediately. This one is perhaps even better and you are going to learn how to ‘skin’ a watermelon! After performing this trick all you are going to hear is wow!

It is pretty simple and you will need two watermelons about the same size. In just a couple of steps you will be ready and you can even make some more fun with it by checking some of other ideas. Follow this quick and easy steps and be the coolest guy at the party!

[youtube id=”Q6vVuj3iggE” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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