Sister Covers “Jolene” On Her Guitar, But When Brother Joins In Your Heart Will Melt

Dolly Parton’s iconic song “Jolene” has been covered so many times, therefore you would think there is nothing new you can hear. Well, brother-sister duo you are about to meet just managed to add a beautiful twist to this classic. Their incredible duet and those big smiles on their faces will certainly make you feel warm around your heart.

Bekah Logan took her guitar and sat down next to her brother Zach who has Down Syndrome. Zach counted them in with his drumsticks and together they sang the legendary lyrics. Bekah is just impressive with her guitar skills, but this young boy was the one that stole the entire show.

For me personally, this was the best cover of ‘Jolene’ I have ever heard. Finally, the amount of love they share made it so unique and so special.


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