4 Indiana State Troopers Lip Sync A Hilarious Rendition of ‘Summer Nights’ in A Golf Cart!

Police officers deal with all sorts of things at work, but it looks like they also know a way to relax. 4 Police troopers made sure to have some fun on the final day of the Indiana State Fair. While riding in a golf cart, they made a lip sync video which is now going viral.

When 4 grown ups and what more, policemen, break out the “Summer Nights” from “Grease”, then it has to be hilarious. People from all parts of the country are loving it. They brought a smile to our faces also, we only wish they did not cut the video too early.

Wonder why they selected this particular song? Hope we are going to see some more funny videos from these guys. In the meanwhile, share a laugh with your friends!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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