Simon Cowell Hits The Golden Buzzer, But Wait to See Who is On Stage…I Never Saw This Coming!

We usually see him as a harsh critic who rarely ever gets excited about anything, but it seems like he was just waiting for someone from another galaxy to pay us a visit, so he can do something he almost never does. Simon Cowell hit the golden buzzer on a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent and lots of people got very surprised with his choice. A group of stormtroopers from “Star Wars” appeared on the stage and the judges as well as the crowd had no idea what to expect from these ‘bad guys’. But, the moment they started their performance, everyone were thrilled!

It seems that stormtroopers are all pretty amazing dancers and we did not have a clue about it. Watch their hilarious dancing show and wait to see when Simon stood up and shocked the world!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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