This Guy Was Pulled Over While He was with his Girlfriend, What he did Next Shocked Everyone!

We have seen so many interesting marriage proposals so far, that if you want to be original you would have to try very hard.  Everyone wants to make it memorable and perfect, so the first thing you have to overcome is being nervous. Besides that, it is essential to pick the right place and of course to prepare the right speech. What always works best is to take your sweetheart to the exact place where you had your first date. 

Well, this guy has done exactly that, but the interesting part is that while they were on their first date, they were pulled over by a police. Two years later, he decided to pop the question and his idea was to replicate the same situation. Royal Oak Police Department officers were happy to fulfill his wish and they organized this very unique marriage proposal.

She surely did not expect this coming, so check out the video for the surprise ending!


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