She puts a Glass Jar of Milk In The Microwave, for a Perfect Morning Coffee!

If you are a coffee fan, then this video will make your morning a whole lot better! Don`t know about you, but I just love my morning coffee with a bit of foamed milk on top of it. But, without having an espresso machine at my home, this was not a delight.

I stumbled upon this video on the net, and it could be very helpful. It is a great idea, and it does not take much to enjoy foam topping on your cappuccino, even without an espresso maker. The instructions are simple, all you need is a glass jar, some milk and a microwave. Making milk foam in the microwave can be done with just two easy steps.First you have to shake the milk in a jar to create foam, then you microwave it for a few seconds to get a fantastic firm foam. The reason why you need to use the microwave is because without it, the foam would quickly collapse back into the milk.

Try this amazing idea, and enjoy.

[youtube id=”W1pW2_g9Hus” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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