She hit a Stranger’s Car, but she didn’t Expect this to Happen!

People sometimes “bump” cars when parallel parking…  it happens.  These situations can be tricky, especially if a person you hit has a bad temper, or is just having a bad day. But if you bumped a car and nicked their bumper a bit, and the owner of a car you hit is not present, than it would be a responsible thing to leave a note with an apology and a phone number on which the person can contact you.

Well this girl here was lucky to hit a YouTube sensation Stuart Edge`s car. She left a note on his car saying “I tried to pull into the spot next to you, but the person on the left side was parked horribly and in the process I scratched the back left side of your car. Please contact me, and we can get it taken care of”. And her honesty paid off, even though Stuart decided to have a little prank with her. You have to see what happened.

Later, Stuart Edge commented, “I’m worried everyone wants to hit my car now…ha”, and I am sure that he is right.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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