She Dropped Her Phone into The Ocean, But Than Something Incredible Happened!

While she was enjoying in the Bahamas, Teressa Cee who is a professional model and dancer for the Miami Heat basketball team, had an unfortunate accident as her phone fell into the sea. But, just as she thought that everything is lost and that her cell sank to the bottom, an unexpected helper turned out, and brought it back to the surface! It was an incredible encounter with a dolphin called Cacique who obviously thought that she might need his help!

The place Teressa and her friends were is Blue Island Lagoon and it is famous by many dolphin encounters. This particular one is perhaps the most playful of them all and this 18-year-old dolphin is a big tourist attraction. Teressa was so thrilled and grateful that he returned her phone, and Cacique tried to recover it as fast as he can, probably was concerned that it might get too wet! However it was an incredible sight, so share if you like it!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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