She Caught A Cop Doing THIS On The Side Of The Road… AMAZING!

This is absolutely amazing, especially in a day and time when there are so many tragic stories bombarding the headlines.

While many people would drive right by a couple of stray dogs wandering outside in the cold, one Kansas City police officer — who wants to remain anonymous — did the most heroic deed.

When two big dogs got separated from their owners and started wandering on the side of the highway, this officer immediately pulled over, got out of his car and comforted the dogs. He waited with them until a local shelter came to pick them up!

A woman named Debbie happened to pass by in her car, and took a picture of what she saw out her window. She shared the photo on Facebook and it quickly went viral. Thousands of people were touched by what this officer did that day.

The dogs’ owners, Austin and Ashley, went to the KC Pet Project to pick up the dogs, and the family was happily reunited.

Austin says, “It’s good to know there are still police officers out there who still enjoy helping out the community, especially in helping out such sweet dogs.”

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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