Sexually Frustrated Stork from Germany Expresses Her Anger On Cars!

The 127 residents of Glambeck, village in Germany, have been terrorized for weeks by an unusual hooligan. One extremely belligerent stork named Ronny has been attacking cars and scratching windows and these villagers think they finally realized why.

Apparently, two storks moved in Glambeck recently, a male and a female. Aggressive Roni managed to repel the male, but then the female shunned him. Ronny became frustrated and since then he started scratching windows on cars, probably because sees reflection in windows, thinking it is a male rival. Isn’t that a sad love story or what?

To escape Ronny, villagers have taken to parking their cars in garages looking forward to the end of August when it is customary for Germany’s storks to fly south.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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