How To Safely Secure Your Bike on The Street? Japanese Have Genius Solution!

There are many reasons why you should prefer driving a bike than a car, or a motorcycle and among the most important ones are avoiding traffic jams and of course health reasons. People of Japan are well aware of that and over there 10 millions bikes are sold every year in this country. With the fact that in Japan 15 percent of trips to work are made by bicycle there is a growing problem of parking, but Japanese would not be what they are if they would not find a genius solution!

They came up with an idea of underground bicycle parking and it is so sophisticated that it reminds me on something that could be seen in sci-fi movies. They dug up wells in the ground and built robotic systems so that bikes could be safe from harsh weather and naughty thieves. This concept is called Eco-cycle and who knows maybe we will also get something like this in the future!

Check out how everything works in the practice and share if you like it!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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