She is 109 Years Old And Says That The Secret to A Long Life is – AVOIDING MEN

People have been trying to uncover the secret of long life for ages, but so far no one has found the real answer to this question.

A woman you are about to meet on this video is a centenarian and they asked her to reveal what is her secret. Jessie Gallan is at the unbelievable age of 109, and certainly she has to be the one who knows how to live a long life, right?

Well, at first, Jessie prefers to eat healthy food, a warm bowl of oatmeal every morning, she she exercises as much as possible, and one more thing…she has never been married. She says that men are “more trouble than they’re worth,” and that the important thing is to feel your every day with the stuff that makes you happy.

I certainly agree with the second one…

I Already Did
I Already Did

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