Guy Prepares To Take A Selfie On The Boat, Then Gets Photobombed By An Unexpected Visitor

It was a beautiful day and some man decided to spend it on the water. He was out on his boat and wanted to capture the moment when he got the surprise of his life. While he was preparing for a selfie, ‘someone’ sneaked up to his back. As it appears, this was the beginning of a beautiful adventure…

One moment the guy was alone, and the next, he got a new ‘friend’. A curious seal decided to join him on the boat, and when most people would get shocked, he was highly amused by it. Rather then taking a picture, the man decided to turn the video on, and capture the priceless moment. Amazing!

This adorable animal obviously jumped in for some play time and what a great these two had. Check out the heartwarming video and don’t forget to share!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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