Little Girl Plays With Sea Lion Swimming Near The Docks, Then Everything Turns Into A Nightmare

It was a beautiful day in Richmond B.C. Canada, and a lot of people were out having fun by the water. A couple of sea lions swimming near the docks attracted a group of onlookers who wanted to play with them. These animals are usually very calm creatures and harmless for humans. Nobody could have expected that this fun moment would turn into a true drama with a potentially deadly outcome…

A family was feeding one of the lions and the young girl in the white dress sat down on edge of the dock. The next moment, sea lion suddenly sprang from the water and pulled the little girl in. Luckily, her grandpa did not waste a second and immediately jumped in and pulled her to safety.

The sea lion probably mistook the girl’s white dress for a piece of fish, and should not be blame for. Thank God everything ended fine, but this is a strong reminder for people to never forget that wild animals are exactly that- wild.


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