15-Yr-Old Stands In Front Of The Crowd To Sing National Anthem. 1st Note Leaves Everyone In Awe

Sam Keith is a 15-year-old Sophomore at Nashoba Regional High School in Massachusetts. He is a great football player, but his array of talents is much wider. Sam’s friends at school also know him as a singer and an actor. He recently got a chance to showcase his singing skills and now the video is going viral!

Just the before the game started, Sam was pulled from the warm-up to sing the National Anthem. Except for the group of his closest friends, the crowd had no idea what to expect. They were surprised to see a football player step up to the mic, but the real one was yet to come.

Already, upon the first note, it was obvious that this young man has a stunning voice. He sounds like someone who has years and years of singing career behind him. Naturally, his performance sent chills down everyone’s spines. Sam is truly an amazingly talented boy and a sight to behold.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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