Rude Teen Disrespects Court, Then Judge Delivers Punishment That Makes Her Jaw Drop

Penelope Soto was caught in possession of Xanax and brought in front of the judge. He was reviewing her case, and since this was her first offence, he was ready to give her the opportunity to help the situation. The judge set Soto’s bond at $5,000, but then, clearly unaware of the seriousness of things, she managed to make things worse…

Unhappy with the sentence, Soto laughed and loudly proclaimed, “Adios,” to the judge. It was a mistake, she should not have done, and the judge was not impressed. He calls her back and the instantly doubles her sentence. Even that, did not help her stop making a joke and then she snapped, making the shocking gesture! The judge calls her back once again revealing the news that makes her jaw drop!

Check out the video to see how things ended, and tell us what you think about it. Did this teen get what she deserves or was the judge a little bit harsh?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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