What Happens When You Wrap A Lot of Rubber Bands Over A Watermelon?! This is an Answer.

This part of the year is just perfect for enjoying a delicious slice of watermelon, and besides the taste, there are many health reasons for eating this wonderful fruit. All you need to do is cut it, and serve it. The only problem can be if you do not have a knife anywhere close. In such cases, according to this video, instead of cutting the watermelon, you can use a lot of rubber bands and wrapped them around it.

“The Slow Mo Guys” have came up with this idea, and they wanted to answer the question on how many rubber bands is just enough to make a watermelon explode. I suppose that they had a lot of spare time, cause the final count was 500! After wrapping that final one, the explosion occurred and they managed to catch everything with a Phantom Flex camera that can shoot 1,600 frames per second!

Check out the amazing slow motion video, and share if you like it!

[youtube id=”PK8dsAeMmPk” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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