They Placed This Machine Over The Tree Stump. Now Watch What Happens When They Turn It On! Awesome!

When trees are felled or fall you will be left with a big stump which you would certainly want to get rid of, but if you ever tried to do such a thing than you know how difficult this task can be. Although often large and heavy, stumps can be removed with the right equipment and technique. One way would be to do it physically, but this is not so convenient if you had a larger tree, and the other solution is to use this amazing machine!

The ideal way to remove a tree stump that refuses to get out is by using a John Deere 8100 with a Rotor S Stump Grinder. This incredible machine will tear it through in no time at all, and it is probably the best idea for this job. Watch the video and see how it works in practice.


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